Nelson Fernandes, Buyer Specialist, Broker

Nelson Fernandes Buyer Specialist, Broker

When my wife and I decided to pursue a career endeavor that took us to North Carolina, it was a unique and incredible opportunity to redefine our lives and revisit our dreams.  To have that chance to sit in front of a white canvas and be able to consider all available options was a lifetime opportunity. Pairing my lifelong passion for real estate with 17 years experience as a sales professional was for me the obvious path. 

From the first meeting with the Rachel Kendall Team, I knew that it was a perfect match.  A combination of know-how, great in-depth knowledge, enthusiastic, optimistic and very dynamic people; Teamwork at its best.  A team based on strong values and a culture that has unparalleled customer service as a number one priority! 

Committed, focused and passionate is how people describe me!

In 2003, my only dream was to finish a Marathon, 13 years later, I have participated in hundreds of races, qualified for Boston and became an Ironman finisher.  I believe that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE .

Helping others realize their own dreams, is my true passion. Commitment, focus and passion is what I share with all my clients when working with them to find their perfect home. I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue the Rachel Kendall Team success story, and to be a part of this team. I am looking forward to working with you on all of your Real Estate needs.

Let's make that dream come true!

Questions? Ask Away!