Photo of Kayla Burton,

Kayla Burton Graphics and Communications Specialist

Being a creative and outgoing Raleigh native who also loves all things Southern and Mexican
food, I am proud alumna of Meredith College. I completed my undergraduate degree in
Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Professional Writing
and Presentation Media. While completing my undergraduate degree, I developed a love for
graphic design and marketing where I am able to create ideas and turn them into eye-catching designs.

With every opportunity along the way, I always make an effort to build relationships and
connect with others who have had different experiences than my own. But most importantly,
I strive to help others develop their skills and gain insight into their own abilities to create

The Rachel Kendall Team is a strong, hardworking, and selfless agency and I couldn’t be
happier to be a part of a team that maintains not only professionalism, but also brings
positivity to the working environment for all employees. I am excited to be their Graphicnd
Communication Specialist and get the chance to create pieces of work to increase awareness
about the responsibilities the Rachel Kendall Team accomplishes.

When I am not in the office, you will find me either spending time with my family or hanging
out with my awesome group of best friends. I love cooking, exercising, and if there is any event that involves live music, I’m there!

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