Photo of Dan Kendall, PhD,

Dan Kendall, PhD Broker In Charge, Partner

As the Managing Director of the Rachel Kendall Team I am proud to say our greatest Team asset is our ability to foster a supportive working environment where we pool our knowledge and abilities to the benefit of all of our clients. My primary contribution to our Team is that I am a generalist with an analytical attention to detail as well as a pragmatist who thankfully has not lost all his ideals. 

From a personal standpoint, I believe the two best attributes I bring to our Team is that I am a person who values trust and firmly believe it has to be earned, and as the “senior” member of our Team I bring the benefit of experience. The trust and needs of my clients are something I take very seriously, yet I try my best not to take myself too seriously. I also have no qualms saying, “Good questions; I do not know the answer to that” … and then utilizing the tremendous knowledge, experience, and expertise of my fellow Team members to find the answer that makes the most sense.

In addition to managing the Rachel Kendall Team I oversee our Commercial Real Estate Division where we offer an innovative team approach to commercial and industrial real estate services. Our goal is to enable our clients to have accurate facts and figures necessary to make wise real estate decisions so that goals and expectations can be achieved. Whether you need landlord representation, finding space for your first lease or building you own facility the Rachel Kendall Team can help. We combine proven commercial real estate knowledge and valuable market resources in Wake County and surrounding areas of North Carolina.

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