Pati Barrow, Client Care Support

Pati Barrow Client Care Support

I'm a born and bred Chicagoan who came to North Carolina by the winds of fate as a broadcast meteorologist and journalist, and stayed for the love of all things southern; including my charming Durham husband.

Before deciding to set roots here, there were many moves. At one point while advancing in my career I didn't even bother unpacking boxes! That made me greatly appreciate the value of finally having a place to call home. 

My husband and I love taking to the back roads of North Carolina in our spare time and I have also traded life in front of the camera to one behind the lens in my off hours. 

I'm proud to have a home with the Rachel Kendall Team. This is truly a family of dedicated professionals who know what it takes to get you through the storms of moving and helping you weather your way home! 


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