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Just want to thank your team for the GREAT experience with Selling and Buying. Everyone involved was very helpful in this process. The Rachel Kendall Team made this process LESS stressful and were very grateful.

I will always keep your team in mind when it comes to referring family and friends. Thank you! Coretha and Scott

Coretha and Scott Williams

Dear Krystal, Thanks again for all your hard work on our deal together. It was SO nice working with you. I look forward to working another deal together very soon! - Jessica Hunt, Hunt for Homes

Jessica Hunt

I enjoyed my experience with Jarret. I'm very happy with how quick our home sold. We love our new home and the neighborhood we are in.

Lauren Faas

Thank you, Kate! I appreciate how organized and professional you have been throughout this process, and how on top of all the details regarding this purchase you are. Those are such great qualities and certainly have made me feel comfortable all along the way. I just really feel better about this big decision with you at my side.

Many thanks,


Linda Davis

We recently closed a transaction in Bryson Village by DR Horton-America's Builder with Neil Jones from your office. Lynn, Azuca and I wanted to express to you home impressed we were with Neil's professionalism and demeanor with his clients, the Heath Family. Neil was a pleasure to work with from the contract signing to the closing, and it was quite obvious to us that Neil takes his buyers interest and concerns to heart. 

YOU are lucky to have an agent of his caliber in your office. We wanted this note to state how impressed we were with Neil, he is a great example of an agent giving excellent service. 


Fernando, Azuca, and Lynn

Fernando, Azuca, and Lynn at DR Horton

Doug Yopp took great care of us! As first time home buyers and moving from the West Coast, Doug listened to our needs and wishlist and helped us close on our PERFECT home. We are so thrilled with the exceptional customer service we received. Thank you Doug and the Rachel Kendall Team!


Thank you for your significant effort and others of the Rachel Kendall Team involved in the promotion, sale and closing of our property. We were very impressed with the RKT approach to marketing residential properties and the pricing strategy resulted in a selling price with which we are very pleased.
I have recommended your Company to many prospective home buyers and sellers.  If you need a reference please do not hesitate to contact me.


G. Epsin



Don and Mary Jane H.

Don and Mary Jane H.

My husband and I have recently had the extremely good fortune to have worked with the Rachel Kendall Team to find and purchase a house in Raleigh. Your company was mentioned to me by my daughter when we first began our journey as a company that seemed to be "on top of things". I soon visited your website and signed up for alerts and emails. Jessie Hrivnak and I subsequently talked via email, and later, phone.

I cannot say enough about Jessie. She personifies exactly what a buyer's specialist should be. She is the perfect blend of professionalism and personal attention. She took care of our every need, and literally made our dream happen, when, possibly no one else could have, due to the timing and sensitivity of the situation. It took a huge amount of skill and determination. After our offer was accepted, she continued to support us.

Thank you for everything your team did and also for the great housewarming gift. We love it and it's already in our home.

We are most thankful for Jessie and the whole team, and will be recommending you all at every opportunity.

Shelia Pueschel

Shelia Pueschel

Thank you for all the hard work from your team to make this a successful move. We are really enjoying our new home. We will highly recommend your team to others that are searching for a home.

Thanks again !

C. Lombardi


Thank you SO much for all you did in helping us find our first home!  We absolutely love it and are settling in more and more each day.  Please share this note with Tanya as well, as you were both instrumental in this process.  It was a pleasure working with the Rachel Kendall Team!

Sara and Wesley

You have been great to work with and we are glad we chose the Kendall team.  I will certainly recommend you to one of my old neighbors that is trying to get her house ready to sell.  Take Care.

Kay Mead

Thank you so much!  You have all been terrific!  I'm typing this from my new office right now!

A. Hahn

Thank you all so much! You have been wonderful to work with and incredibly helpful!


Thank you so much.  You guys are the best team ever.  I would highly recommend you to anyone. It was great working with you. Hope we stay in touch.  Thanks again!


Rachel and Dan,

Thank you all so much.  You were the best team ever.  I would refer you anytime.


Rachel and all:

We were thinking a few days ago about you, Dan, and your fine team! It was just about a year ago that you expressed your joy and delight in having the opportunity "to make us homeless." And that you did because our house, when it went on the market, sold in three days!

Yes, for 5-6 months, we were homeless (To be more precise, we were "houseless"; we had a home; we just did not have a house to put our home in!) We lived the nomadic life, visiting our children and relatives in TN, GA, OH, and WA while our new house was being built in Maryville, Tennessee!

We are happy to report that on December 27, 2013, the movers brought our belongings out of storage and we moved in and started getting settled. So, from old house to no house to new house, thank you for being a part of a host of folks that helped make this happen!


Ken and Pam A.

The photos are breathtakingly beautiful! We love the angles and obvious care the photographer took in opening/closing doors!

Great job!!


Mary Knapp

Thank you for all your team has done for us! Thank you for the awesome picture! It is so neat, we love it:)
We are so thankful for your team making this as easy as possible and all your hard work!

The Hetter's

I'm so happy! Thank you guys so much for everything. The Rachel Kendall Team is awesome! I hope that I was not too bothersome through this process. I'm so thankful again, I can not tell you how much of a relief this is for me and my family. I will be sure to tell everyone in the area just how wonderful you guys are and what a pleasure it was working with you. Please share my gratitude with the team and let Rachel know that she proved herself to be the best in the business, I love her!

Take Care and Thanks Again.

Nena H.

Thank you SO much!! When I bought this house last August, Jessie was absolutely WONDERFUL -- and the entire team made the process so much easier. From the inspection to coordinating repairs and the complicated course of closing (for me!), you ALL were AWESOME! When I decided to move to Charlotte, there was ONLY ONE person I knew I could trust - Jessie and your wonderful team. I knew you all would be totally on top of things....and you are. You have made this process much easier for me....it's been a very hard decision. I love my house in Wake Forest, and Jessie understood that. She didn't pressure me to "put the sign up" until I was ready. Karen came to help me stage the house....and even came to help me MOVE furniture on a Saturday evening so we would be ready for pics!! Now THAT is service!!!! And then within 1 1/2 days, I had an offer, even for FULL listing price. I am SO grateful for each of you on this Team. You ROCK!!!

C. Lewis

"Rachel put my house on the market in July of 2009, right after the housing bubble popped. Within 3 days, I had three offers on the house, each for the asking price. The house eventually sold for $7,000.00 more than the asking price, in a collapsing housing market.

Since selling my house five years ago, Rachel has sold two homes for my brother-in-law's home--two!--immediately after putting them on the market. My brother-in-law and his wife are thrilled with Rachel and her team.

Since I've met Rachel, she has become my inspiration. Everyone who knows her praises her smile, her kind disposition, and her positive attitude. Rach is loved and respected by everyone she meets. If I can become half of the wonderful, loving, giving person she is, I will have accomplished something grand in my life."

Jennifer Meyer

In March of 2012 I was going to make the move to Raleigh to accommodate my new job.   As a father of two young children and a wife with great taste, I was tasked with finding a home that was beautiful, affordable, in a perfect location for schools and with a little luck, within range of area shopping, banking and excursions.   I was told by my colleague that I should be working with Rachel Kendall Team.   They had worked with them in transferring from California and he loved the experience with the Rachel Kendall Team.  In my case, I was transferring from Alabama.   I reached out to Rachel Kendall and was immediately embraced by Gene Pitzer, Buyer Specialist.  Gene is not only the best realtor I've ever worked with, he's one of the best people I've ever met.   After dealing with what I would call, our 'high maintenance' needs, Gene found us a beautiful home in a new neighborhood that was absolutely perfect.  It fit all of our needs.   Now came the hard part.  I was not having much luck in my relocation efforts and I needed someone to act on my behalf to purchase the house, take care of the busy work and help facilitate the move.  And again, Gene stepped up the plate.   Gene acted as my power of attorney, he took all the hard meetings, managed all the noise and absolutely was a blessing I was not expecting.   Gene and I even exchanged pictures of him with writers cramp after leaving the closing.  All in good fun, but seriously, what a tremendous outfit to work with.   As it turns out, my plans changed yet again and I was no longer moving to Raleigh.   I was then the proud owner of a beautiful home that I would never move in to…..but I needed to sell it quickly.   I think you know where this is going.  Gene stepped in, had the house sold in 9 days and to this day, we remain great friends.   I highly recommend the Rachel Kendall Team, and especially Gene Pitzer.  I bet if you nudged him, he'd be willing to help with moving furniture, he's just that kind of guy!


Rachael, Thanks for making our home sale so easy.  We are finally settled in Florida and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate  your wonderful team for selling our house so quickly.  Everyone worked so well in getting the house on the market and following up with us after the sale was complete.  What a nice team you have to work with.  It was all over in less than a week--from listing to signing the sales agreement.  

Sandy D

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us to help make the move to Raleigh go smoothly!  You have done so much for us, the kids, dog etc. and we greatly appreciate everything.  You really go above and beyound a typical real estate transaction and I can't thank you enough for everything!  Your personal involvement and support throughout this process is truly a blessing to our family!  We are so thankful to have met you!  You are awesome at what you do!

Mitch, Colleen, Drew, Emma & Amanda

I work for the Rachel Kendall Team and as a licensed real estate broker I know first-hand how incredibly important it is to have excellent Buyer’s representation when buying a home. So when I decided to purchase a new townhome there was no doubt I would ask Rachel, the absolute, irrefutable, best of the best to be my Broker. Buying a home is not an easy process and can be made more complicated and costly when feelings become involved. That’s why it’s so important to have a Broker you can trust and depend on to handle all the details so things don’t get overlooked or neglected or even worse end up costing you more. Rachel is one of my dearest friends and I knew beyond a shadow of doubt she would have my back every step of the way – but not just because she’s my friend or boss but because that’s the kind of person she is! She is compassionate, professional, focused, dedicated and truly believes in the importance of relationships. Rachel is the real deal. She is someone you count on, someone who keeps her word and someone who can make the whole scary process of buying a home just plain fun!

At no time has Rachel ever asked me write a testimonial about my recent home buying experience but how could I possibly not when after giving Rachel my dream home wish list I purchased the FIRST and ONLY home she took me to see! Now that’s a women who listens and knows what she’s doing! My name is Tina Frost and thanks to Rachel Kendall I’m living in my dream home!


Thank you so much!!! You did not have to give us anything for Ileana but thank you so much for the wonderful gift! It is truly appreciated!

Ylenia and Hassan

We deeply appreciate everyone in the Rachel Kendall Team for the help and guidance during the purchase of our home!  You went the extra mile and your work efficiency is quite admirable!  Thanks to everyone!

Denise & Juan

Once upon a time we decided to sell our home---to downsize and go to a "maintenance free" area.  Rachel's name was recommended to us as a very professional and hardworking realtor which we knew we needed in these tough economic times.  We were very impressed with---and loved the "team" concept that is in place with Rachel and Dan at Keller Williams.

There is someone at your beck and call 24-7 to handle everything imaginable.  We ended up selling--and buying a home in what could have been a "whirlwind" weekend but it all went very well because they handled all the details for us so well.

Thanks Rachel, Dan and the entire Keller Williams team for making this such a smooth transition for us.  We now know we ended up right where  we needed to be!    Fran and Larry

Fran & Larry

Rachel and her team are amazing! They really go above & beyond to make finding a new home, moving your family long distance a very pleasant experience. She is an expert but really cares about her clients as well. She & Dan have helped our move to the Raleigh area become a great experience. Thank you!

Mitch & Colleen

Rachel we love you and thank you for your hard work! Thanks for selling our home in Turtle Creek in 1 day! You are great!! The whole Rachel Kendall Team is wonderful!

James & Theresa

Rachel and Team: I wanted to thank you again for all that you’ve done for us with our relocation to Wake Forest. The overview of the area that you provided to us on our very first phone call really showcased your expertise about the area and helped us tremendously as we narrowed down areas to look at homes. We’re especially grateful for the way that you took our kids under your wing and made sure that they were comfortable with the schools and amenities in the areas where we looked. We walked through a lot of homes, and you didn’t rest until we found “the one”. We truly appreciate your patience and professionalism as we narrowed down the choices and finally picked out a great home. “Team Kendall” has proven to be a well-oiled machine, and each step of the process from the offer, price negotiation and financing to the inspections have been effortlessly and rapidly executed with great communication at each step of the way. I would highly recommend Rachel Kendall and her team as the “go to” relocation experts if you’re considering moving to or in the Raleigh area. We can’t wait to move in, and we’re looking forward to including our new friend Rachel as we start the next chapter of our lives in NC.

Mike, Amy, Matthew and Emily

Professionals like Rachel Kendal are few and far between.  She is an expert in her field yet she is compassionate about the families she works with.  We worked with Rachel on both our new home purchase and the sale of our previous home.  She sold our home in a record 21 days!  Her team guided us every step of the way.  The Rachel Kendall Team makes a donation to the JDRF with every home they help sale.  There is no other real estate agent like Rachel.   

Andrea and Jamie

You are undoubtedly one of the most wonderful people I know.  Thank you so much for the sundress and hat you got me for my birthday.  I love them both and you know they look adorable.  They are perfect for the pool and I wear them often.  Lots of love to you and Dan. 


We recently sold our home and bought a new one with the Rachel Kendall Team. As soon as the house was on the market they went to work finding a stager, painters and having the sign up and the house on line in less than a week of listing. They actually finished while we were on vacation and had three showings before we got home.! The house sold within 30 days and the move to the new home they helped us find went on schedule. Rachel and the Team were energetic, committed to getting our home sold and willing to do what needed to be done to make sure it happened. They kept us informed so we always knew the who, what, when, where and how through the entire process. The Rachel Kendall Team gets our enthusiastic recommendation and should be the first call for anyone buying or selling their home.

Chuck and Meg

After having our home listed with another agent, we called in Rachel.  We were impressed with her professionalism and her marketing plan.  Every week we heard from her team about the marketing efforts and interest in our home.  Before we knew it, she had it sold!!  Took her just 28 days.  Rachel treats everyone like family!  As a sign of that, she makes a donation to the JDRF with every home she sells.


Fred and Katia

I just wanted to thank you for all your help over the last two months on my house!  The closing went very smoothly today.

You do a great job, and I appreciate your thoroughness, responsiveness, and very professional attitude!  


I want to thank you and your team for all of the help and support you have given me over the past several months as we worked to sell my mom’s condo on Hempshire Pl.  You really have assembled an exceptional group of people that know what they need to do to be successful for their clients – even in these difficult times.  It has been quite a journey but I feel you were all there with me every step of the way. 

Thanks again for all of your help and I will certainly recommend you and your team to everyone I find in need of your services.



"Rachel is a go-getter. Never says, "Can’t happen." She works hard for her buyers! Top notch!"


"Rachel didn't just help us relocate to Wake County from California she also helped us acclimate fully to the community. She has helped us more even after closing. I contact her first for all my and my families needs. She is truly a full service broker."


"Rachel we love you and thank you for your hard work.  Thanks for selling our home in Turtle Creek in 1 day!! You are great!  The whole Rachel Kendall team is wonderful"!.

The Dodd Family

Dear Rachel and Dan,
    It has been quite a whirlwind of events since Van's job acceptance at Elon just 5 weeks ago. The process of putting our house up for sale was looming until Kat connected us to you. This was our blessing to have such caring, honest and devoted brokers help guide us in this endeavor. From the start we liked you both that night you came over, assessed our home and gave us your professional advice on what needed to be done to get "her" ready for the market. From our kids to our dog, Buddy, you became part of our lives. Tal continues to comment on Rachel's energy and genuine ways.
    Now, on this early morning in the quiet of a new day with Van just off for Elon and the boys asleep, I am writing to tell you how much we truly appreciate all you have done for us. We are sorry for the sudden turn of events of Van's Raleigh job offer mid-stream that impacted the plans to move forward as it did. I thank you, Rachel, for your phone calls, understanding, enthusiasm and efforts to try to find us a new home in this buyer's market. Our trip out together this week was memorable and fun and I can so clearly see why your clients enjoy you so much and your zest for real estate. It was a real pleasure going out house hunting with you. The knock knock jokes were an added perk of course.
    Dan, you were always available by email or phone and we thank you for your time, advice and visit to our home to review things with Van and me. Your ability to orchestrate your workers and keep so many balls in the air is commendable. You are a compliment and asset to your other half and equally as engaging. You two are the yang to Rachel's yin, perfect compliments to each other as the Kendall Team. Van commented on your kindness and understanding over his call to you last night and we thank you for making that difficult phone call easier.
   Please thank dear Nina for her time spent with our gang yesterday. Her efforts and time did not go unnoticed or appreciated. She is a gem and real asset to your team. Then there's Gene and the similar energy and people person gifts he shares with you, Rachel. What a genuine man and so fun to house hunt with too. Thank him for his work in finding an interested potential buyer even prior to listing and how sorry we are that the timing was as it turned out to be.
    There are so many others to thank with their time, interest and craftsmanship to get our home up to the quality and appearance it is today. From Cherie and her gifted ways of decorating and staging, to Eusabio's gentle nature and hard work, to Chris' handiwork and attention to detail, to the incredible job and pricing the glass company did on our windows, we are truly grateful.
    We thank God today for so many blessings and realize His presence and guidance in our lives throughout this journey. We were not meant to move to Carrboro and by bringing you into our lives, we not only have an improved living space, but two people whom we know we can count on when the time comes for re incredible people and a class act team. Our ears will perk up now when we hear of someone wanting to list their homes because we know of the best this area has to offer and we'll be talking!

Tali and Van

"Working with Rachel literally changed our lives! Rachel ensured that we had everything we wanted in a home...even better she made sure we had the things that we did not think we could have!"


"Hey Rachel! We couldn't be happier with our visit to Raleigh, and have ya'll to thank for it.  You not only showed us all the major areas of Raleigh, and helped us narrow down our search criteria, but you also provided a fabulous overview of the city and what it has to offer.  We are quite lucky to have you as our Realtor, and look forward to working with you!"


"I thought Rachel was a fantastic professional! She did a great job with my house and I couldn't be more pleased. She sold my home in 3 days for more than asking price in a very competitive market."


"Rachel is such a nice person and very professional. We love her and highly recommend her. She listed/sold our home in amazing time and helped us find exactly what we were looking for at a  remarkable price."

Eusebio and Mildred

"I can't say enough about how committed Rachel is to helping people. Rachel made what could have been an extremely difficult situation in selling our home, seem effortless. Her willingness to get the job done is an understatement! She goes above and beyond the call of duty, she truly does treat you as an extended family member. And she doesn't stop after the sell or purchase of your home; during the process, she becomes a true friend because of her love in building relationships. Her honesty and passion is one of a kind! "


Here is the thank you note that I was going to send like three weeks ago but we have not had internet.  You don't need to post it on your website if you don't want to but Derek and I just wanted to thank you again for all of the hard work that you, Dan and your team did for us.  We love our new home!  


My husband and I cannot speak highly enough of the personal and professional attention we received from the Rachel Kendall Team at Keller Williams. We are new to the state of North Carolina and knew very little about city codes, real estate practices and local value trends across the different parts of the Triangle area.  We consulted Rachel a few months before we were ready to start the home search process and she was always quick to alert us to any new or noteworthy properties that fit our criteria...simple emails to keep us informed of new properties coming on the market. When we actually did enter the "time to buy" phase, Rachel was so accessible and attentive - we somehow felt like we were her only clients!!  With every property, she helped us evaluate the short-term and long-term benefits, and pros and cons of that property or neighborhood. We had a wonderful experiencing bidding on our dream home, and we knew we were being taken care of by the very best.  Rachel built a strong and direct relationships with our home builder, something that really helped us long after the papers were signed. After we purchased our home, we encountered a situation with another builder who was completing a home next to our property.  Rachel's team was immediately available to help us in contacting our builder and the neighboring builder to resolve the dispute, even after we had closed.  The service literally never stopped!

We truly don't believe we could have received any better representation, attention to detail and dedication with another realtor in the Triangle area.  That superb attention to detail is something we know will add significant value over the life of our property. Thank you so much to the entire Rachel Kendall Team for helping us find the home of our dreams and making it such a fun process along the way.

Jim and Becky

Hey Rachel.  I have valiantly tried to find thank you cards in my house, but I think that box is in storage, so please forgive this impolite email. 

I still don't think it has sunk in that we actually have that wonderful house in Raleigh, thanks entirely to you and your superhuman efforts!  I just want to say thank you for all your hard work and sleepless nights.

Here's my quote for your next newsletter:  "Rachel looks at each family as part of her own, and each house as if she will be the one living there.  She listens intently, then provides clients with properties that perfectly fit their search criteria.  She is a brilliant negotiator and has ice water running through her veins.  In our case there were three offers on our property but she managed to snag us the house below the asking price even though another offer was $20,000 over.  She negotiated until the wee hours and was up early to seal the deal.  She is the ultimate mother hen and you will love having her in your life.  We couldn't ask for a better real estate agent...and friend. 


"The most stress free Real Estate transaction I have ever experienced! At every turn Rachel was there!"


"Rachel is a valued and trusted resource.  She provided my husband and I with top-notch, full-service brokerage, relocation advice and assistance and referred many valuable local resources, whom we utilized in our move to Wake County. Rachel's top priority is about building a relationship with her clients, understanding, and providing for their needs.  She has become more than our broker, but a dear friend. I confidently recommend her services to family and friends every opportunity I have."


"We recently relocated from Kansas to Wake Forest. Rachel listened to our needs and showed us homes in 2 days (of which we found one that we loved!) Then, while we were back experiencing the moving process, Rachel and her Team took care of all logistics in North Carolina for us!! She even made arrangements for temporary boarding for our pets. After moving in our lovely new home (yes, after closing) Rachel has taken care of the few issues we had with our builder. Rachel has become part of our family and us part of hers. That relationship is not common in her business!"

Brandi and Tony

"Rachel listed/sold my home in amazing time and her Team answered my questions even before I asked them. She then took me 45 minutes north of our county to Lake Gaston. I think of her Team every time I go fishing!"


"I was thinking about the home sale and purchase we accomplished together, and wanted to take a moment to write down some thoughts.  You will probably recall my concern in being able to move the existing home as an initial road block to the purchase of the new home. Well, as you recall, you listened to my concerns and came back with a sales plan which outlined material ways that you could market the property effectively, allowing me to take the plunge and purchase what I consider to be a "home run" new house.

Amazingly, your sales plan facilitated the sale of my existing home in one weekend.  This was no lucky event or twist of fate. I drove through the old neighborhood today, and several competing homes are still for sale six months later.  Good job, Rachel, good job!

As far as the new home, it's turned out to be the perfect new space that really fits my lifestyle and specific needs.  It's a great example of how you consulted with me, taking my needs and wants into consideration in working with me on these decisions.  Listening and using your approach to address my needs has left me feeling completely happy after the set of transactions. 

Thank you Rachel for everything you did for me.  It was not just a set of transactions, it was a positive lifestyle change thanks to you.  I was represented so well, by someone who cares so much, that it has convinced me to leave corporate America after 18 years to join your field in a similar positive and consultative manner to help people with the biggest financial and lifestyle investment: a new home.

Thanks again for everything you do for me and others!"


"Rachel listed and sold our home in a subdivision that's average days on the market is 340 days (seriously.) She marketed so effectively that our home sold in four weeks!! At that time, Rachel took the time to show us a lot of houses even though our mind was set from the beginning. She puts a lot of time and effort into what she does. She likes to educate you and make sure you know all your options before making sucha a big decision. Rachel is really good at what she does!"


"Spending too much time with us was not in Rachel's vocabulary. She did not relent until she found us a home and not just a house. Even though our closing requirements were quite a fiaco she didn't give up on us and helped us find a way to solve all the oncoming issues."


"No need to feel overwhelmed, Rachel Kendall handles everything from soup to nuts!! My money is on her!"

Jacklyn (10 years old...my Mom said I could write this!)

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